Sunday, 9 December 2012

Softlips Holiday lipbalms

Hi, its me again. Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have been crazy busy. I went on a much needed holiday, I then had an order of 200 customised cupcakes & a top tier cake to make for a good friends wedding, we have had even more work done to our house which has been a total nightmare & I am currently supposed to be packing for a short trip to Innsbruck, Austria but have decided I needed to write a blog post about my favourite brand of lipbalm.
Softlips have been a firm favourite of mine for many years now (we all know what a lip balm addict I am :-) ). I have been more than happy with the French Vanilla until I discovered that Softlips actually release a number of different flavours in America.
I drooled over the Halloween set of Marshmallow ghost (how amazing does that sound) but as usual we didnt get it over here in the U.K :-(
I have just seen a review of the new Christmas sets & again they look & sound amazing.
First up is Jack Frosting
This one sounds lush!!!!! I would imagine its almost edible (only almost, actually eating it could be kinda gross lol)
Its described as 'the festive flavor of buttercream frosting', sometimes a food flavoured lipbalm can be done very badly, they taste & smell very artificial but knowing how much I love the French Vanilla I have a feeling this would smell & taste amazing.
Next up is the Peppermint Stick
This one is described as 'classic candy cane flavor'
I dont know about you lot but I LOVE the smell of candy canes. To me it is the epitome of christmas. The sweet vanillary pepperminty scent evokes the most magical memories of christmas for me so again I imagine this one would be amazing also.
Unfortunately Softlips dont release these flavors in the UK & I cant seem to find them anywhere (except ebay where the sellers have hiked the prices up to ridiculous amounts)
I really really really wish some of the bigger brands would release things like this over here. I know we dont do christmas & other holidays in quite the same fashion as America but we still love good products so I believe it would really be in their best interest to bring them over here.
If any of you lovely followers happen to live in America please know that I am immensely jealous as you always get all the best stuff over there while we are left to merely drool over the good stuff from afar ;-)
Much love & good wishes to you all this holiday season.
Take care & stay warm
P.S  Dont forget I am having a lipbalm give-away when I reach 50 followers x x


  1. I really want to try the two Christmas balms they sound fab!

    1. They do dont they. Ive got 3 different brands on the go at the moment but always come back to Softlips x x