Saturday, 22 September 2012

Lip balm collection and my top 5 heroes & hates

As some of you may know, I am an avid collector of lip balms. From ordinary chapsticks to the more high end brands ( I also quite like the novelty ones aswell) This blog post was requested by the lovely but nutty Mez from

I cant quite remember when I started using/collecting them but I know I have been doing it for a few years now and have found a few that I would use over & over & a few that I dont like for various different reasons.

I dont particularly suffer with dry/chapped lips but I like to keep them soft & supple (you never know if your gonna bump into a gorgeous man & he wants to whisk you off your feet based on how soft, smooth & supple your lips are hahahaha)

I am an absolute sucker for buying a lipbalm just because someone has recommended it. That's probably why I have so many. A majority of my novelty ones have been sent to me by some of my lovely friends over on Balmy but Beautiful (Jess a.k.a Boobies & Caroline from )

I love great packaging on anything & fell into the trap of having to have the EOS & Balmi lipbalms but I can honestly say that the packaging is the best bit about them. Please understand that this is merely my opinion, you may well find that they are the best lipbalms you have ever used.

A while ago there was alot of hype about the UK release of the revlon lip butters. I, like everyone else decided that I NEEDED to own them (a few of them at least). Lip balm is the only lip product I tend to use as I dont really like wearing lipstick or lipgloss, but thought I would give them a go. I got my hands on a few different colours but have only used them a couple of times. They were nice but not as good as my trusty lipbalms.

Ok so enough of my ridiculous collection (I didnt quite realise how many I had until doing this blogpost ooooops ;-) )
These are my top 5 Hero lip balms. My reasons for using them time & time again are simple. They moisturise as you would expect of any decent lip balm but they also stay on my lips alot longer than many others I have tried. I hate having to reapply every 20 mins.
In 5th place is Vaseline. Vaseline has been around for many many years & continues to be a great versatile balm. Not only for lips but for pretty much anywhere on the body. It works as a great barrier when dying my hair or tinting my eyebrows. This limited edition Pink Champagne was very kindly sent to me by Nardine from
In 4th place is Murad soothing skin, lip and cuticle care. Again this is another versatile product. I like the fact that this is in pen like packaging so makes it really easy to just chuck it in your handbag & off you go.
In 3rd place is Carmex (cherry, yum) . Well everyone knows carmex is a great lipbalm. I love that these come in pot or tube form. Im not to keen on putting my fingers in my pot of lipbalm & then slathering it on my lips. I prefer to use a tube (contrary to the insane amount of pots I have lol)
In 2nd place is Estelle & Thild (Raspberry) my gorgeous friend Jess very kindly gave this to me from her Selfridges beauty box. I like this one because the scent is very subtle & not at all plastic & artifical.
My ultimate number one is Softlips (french vanilla) I LOVE this lipbalm, I have used it for years now & always go back to it. The smell is very pleasant without being overpowering & it makes your lips all tingly as it contains menthol. I have this as my number one because it keeps my lips moisturised for a long time & doesnt feel 'thick' when applied to my lips.
Ok so now you know my Heroes, lets move onto my Hates. Ok, hate is a very strong word but I couldnt think of anything else that begins with 'H' lol

I wouldnt say these were in any specific order but these are the top 5 lipbalms that I dislike the most out of my collection. Although I would probably say the Yankee lipbalm & the EOS are the ones I dislike the most.
I dont like the Yankee one as to me the scent is very artificial & not pleasant as all. Although its called Christmas Cookie (my favourite scent of the actual Yankee Candles) it doesnt smell anything like the candle. It just smells icky.
I dont like the EOS one as the texture is far to thick for my liking. It just feels very plasticy & the mint one stings my lips (not in a nice tingly way like the softlips)
I must admit I was expecting more from the Eliabeth Arden 8 hr lip conditioner but it didnt do anything for me. It felt pleasant once applied but didnt hydrate my lips anymore than normal & didnt last very long.
The Dr.Hauschka was from one of those times when I got sucked into the hype. I had read online about the 'miracle lip product as used by Jennifer Aniston' so of course I had to get it. Well, what a let down that was! The texture is pleasant but the scent is quite floral (which gives me a headache) & I found that it dried my lips out rather than hydrate them.
Again I heard much hype about the Yes to Carrots range & had to buy them (yes I bought them all because thats just the kind of weirdo I am!)  I was particularly intrigued by the carrot flavoured one & found it to be quite pleasant & not at all carroty lol   Theres nothing much to say about this one really, there nothing I like about it, but nothing I particularly dont like about it.
So there you go, its taken me days to get this little lot together (I found most of them hiding in handbags, the car, the kitchen, in the drawers of my dining table, just about everywhere really. I even found a few of them had made their way into my daughters room haha)
Let me know what you think & if you have any questions please feel free to ask


  1. Holy cow, that is a lot of lip balm :|

    I have one of those pepsi ones, but i want that mountain dew one!

    1. My daughter has claimed ownership of the mountain dew ones lol The one in the bottle is sooooo cute. I have a pepsi one the same somewhere x x

  2. So Stacy, that is quite a collection, I love the Eos ones, I have tangerine, berries, mint and honeydew melon. I bought 4 of the Yankee ones and although they look lovely they are expensive and don't smell of much.
    You haven't shown any of the ones you make, would be nice to blog about those as I know Nardine loved the one she had from you. xx

    1. I had the berries EOS & I liked the smell of it, but I didnt even get to try it as my son opened it & dropped it straight onto the floor outside so it had lots of lovely bits of grit in it urgh lol
      I wasnt sure whether or not in include the ones I made. I didnt want it to seem as though I was giving it a good review because I made it (if that makes sense) Perhaps someone else would like to try it & review it for me?????

  3. Wow that is some collection!

    I like my EOS balm, I keep it on my desk in work. My favourite at the moment is actually Dermalogica Clean Start smart mouth lip shine, it smells lovely and is really moisturising.

    I'm sure quite a few bloggers would love to review your balms ;) xx

    1. Hi Laura
      I got them from Claires but I have a set to giveaway once I reach 50 followers do keep your eyes peeled x x

    2. Ooops posted this in the wrong place cos I'm using the blogger app lol

  4. :O So jealous of your lip balm collection! I'm such a lip balm junkie.
    Where did you get the refreshers & drumstick ones?

  5. Yayyyy fab post! I am yet to open the EOS one my friend bought me from the US but I can already tell it has been overhyped x

  6. I live in the UK but i really want the softlips , where can i get it? x

    1. Hi Charly Barly, I get my Softlips from either Boots or Superdrug, but you can't get the holiday collections or special releases unfortunately :-(