Tuesday, 18 September 2012


My name is Stacy & I am 31 years young. I have wanted to get into blogging for a while now but never really had the courage until now.I have been lucky enough to 'meet' a group of amazing ladies from all walks of life who have come together through their love of beauty products. These ladies are responsible for giving me the courage to start this blog & have restored my faith in mankind. They truly are some of the most inspirational, caring, amazing, fantastical ladies you could ever hope to know (you know who you are you wonderful beauties)
I love all things to do with (as you can tell by the title) beauty, baking & balms (lip balms, oh how I have an unhealthy obsession/addiction with lipbalms. Ill post a pic of my current collection soon) I also have a penchant for nail polish but I couldnt make that start with a B so left it out lol
I should have added another B to that, bling. I have a tendancy to bejazzle everything in sight ;-) Again, more on that at a later date.
Im not sure which direction I want this to go yet, whether it be reviews, hauls, showing you what baked goods I have conjured up or just plain boring the life out of you with my mindless drivel (much like this intro)
I have no idea how to make this blog look pretty just yet, but please bear with me & Im sure with your help I can make this baby sparkle to :-)
Anyway, just wanted to say hi & welcome to my little world x x


  1. hey! Great to see you! I'm looking forward to seeing your cakes! I'll follow as soon as you get GFC x

    1. Hi hun, I have GFC now (although it took me a while to figure out how to do it lol) x x

  2. Woooo gooo Stacy! :)

    Your first request - lipbalm collection & review with round up of your fave? X